Monday, March 12, 2012

2012 Prius C: Do We Need 4 different Prii?

Getting the most MPG seems to be the top priority for auto manufacturers in this day and age; and I don't blame them.  Companies are coming out with hybrids in their line-up to attract consumers with high MGP and greener commuting, but how many hybrids does a company need?

The Toyota Prius Hybrid is the best-selling hybrid car around the world, and for a good reason.  They have one of the most efficient and highest MPG car on the road, tend to be very reliable, and has attractive standard features.  So with the Pruis' long time success, Toyota has decided to add not just one more Prius to their line-up, but 3 more to their best-selling hybrid car.  I am going to give you a run down on one the 3 newest Prii; The 2012 Prius C.

2012 Toyota Prius C
This is the newest addition to the Prius family, the Prius C.  Toyota has manipulated the Prius' DNA in hopes to aim the new compact hybrid at the younger market.  Toyota wants to prove that a hybrid isn't always a boring looking sedan, but can be stylish and fun cars.

The greatest thing about the newest Prius is in it's numbers.  I am not talking about horsepower, torque or top speed; but its price and fuel economy.  The 2,500lb car will have a 1.4 I4 engine connected to a 45kW electric engine producing a total of 99HP.  And with this plentiful amount of power, the Prius C will deliver an outstanding 53 city and 46 highway MPG.  The 2012 Prius C has a base model MSRP of $18,950, and tops out around $24,000 with all the features and accessories added.

This car is presented to be a "competitor" to the Honda Fit, which in reality the only thing that is comparable is the size and estimated price.  In EVERY other way, the Prius C dominates it.  There is no other car in this category that competes with the Prius C, it really is the first of it's kind when it comes to a "compact hybrid."  Everything seems to add up to a very promising car, but we'll have to wait for the reviews to come and drive it ourselves to make that final decision.

This car will be a major hit for Toyota, it is something that no other car manufacturer has ever ventured into before, a small lightweight hybrid hatchback, that gets amazing gas milage, and is affordable enough for most everyone to get behind the wheel of.
Toyota is giving consumers a choice of what they want in a hybrid; there isn't just one "cookie-cutter" mold of what a hybrid should be anymore.  And this is why we will see numerous Prius C's on the road in the next upcoming months.  I sure can't wait to get behind the wheel of the C to see if this new addition to the Prius line-up is really all it is presented to be.
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  1. Thank you for following me on twitter! :) This new Prius looks better than ever, but I still can't get over the is just not that good. A 2012 Kia Rio with a 1.1 diesel does 88MPG, and is cheaper, so why buy this?

    1. we don't get the diesel Rio in the States, so this is the best next thing:p